This Handbook, the first of its kind in the South African higher education context, is a collective effort of nine university Registrars and their colleagues within the public university sector, and includes contributions from a few external stakeholders, such as from within the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), and Universities South Africa (USAf).

The Handbook contextualises and provides a pathway to navigate the role of the university Registrar and the Registrar’s Division in relation to governance, academic administration, legal, as well as administrative responsibilities, amongst other areas, within universities. It explores and relays these functions and responsibilities in a functional and easy-to-read manner. It situates the Registrar within the various roles performed, expanding on the importance of these roles, and provides direction, advice and useful guidelines in ensuring the effective functioning of the Registrar’s Division.

The Handbook is only meant to be used as a resource tool. It is a living document which will periodically be updated electronically.