HELM Universities Learning Futures Programme (ULeFu)

HELM Universities Learning Futures Programme
The HELM Universities Learning Futures (ULeFu) project is funded by the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust and aims to prioritise digital skills development at the eight (8) Historically Disadvantaged Institutions (HDIs). This digital skills development advances Higher Education digital transformation.

The digital transformation skills development comprises eleven workshops that include both synchronous live sessions and asynchronous activities.

Programme Objectives

At the end of this programme participants should be able to:

  1. Develop an informed perspective of the digital transformation challenges in a complex and changing higher education environment;
  2. Develop and apply digital transformation strategies and related planning;
  3. Acquire new skills that contribute towards more effective online teaching and learning pedagogies and assessments;
  4. Formally and informally engage with peers, exchange ideas and share experiences that support institutional digital transformation.