Notions and debates around student success have grown beyond student throughput rates and involve a holistic understanding of the student life cycle, from enrolment to graduation, including how we provide relevant services, shape the living and learning context and how we engage students in the transformation of the tertiary experience.

Student affairs, student support and development are critical and vital contributors towards student and institutional success. Across the world, staff in this domain of higher education are supported and capacitated via development programmes which advance their contributions towards student and institutional success.

Based on a sector-wide Training Needs Analysis and stakeholder meetings, this national capacitation programme for university staff who are engaged in the development, support and services for students across the sector, is positioned to significantly strengthen the impact of student affairs on student and institutional success. This leadership capacitation programme for higher education in South Africa is based on USAf HELM’s mandate to promote student success, institutional leadership, transformation and social justice. This programme is tailored for student support and development professionals.

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