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Mark Barnes recently sent out a tweet saying President Cyril Ramaphosa must appoint the 100 best people to fix the country. ...

19 Jul 2022|

ENGAGE 3: Student Success

The Covid pandemic has amplified the context in which student learning and development take place.  More precisely, learning and development are ...

28 Sep 2021|

News and views

This section provides a catchment area for news, brochures, academic articles and other material related to the WiL programme. News ...

17 Feb 2022|

WiL Gallery 2020

The first cohort of 26 senior members of staff from 17 universities participated in the 2020 WiL programme. Based on ...

12 Feb 2022|

The WiL team

Prof Denise Zinn is the HELM Programme Leader for the Women in Leadership Programme. Previously she held the positions of ...

14 Feb 2020|

Comings and Goings

'Comings and Goings' is HELM’s occasional newsletter. These updates are purposefully meant as ‘forthcoming attractions’ rather than as a list of ...

25 Nov 2021|
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