Foundations of Leadership 1 – For administrative and support staff

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The Foundations of Leadership is a two part programme for University Managers in administration divisions who are in senior and middle university positions. These managers come from all sectors including Finance, HR, Infrastructure and Maintenance, ICT, Academic Administration and Support, Campus Safety and Security, Student Affairs, International Office, Communications, Marketing and Public Relations, Faculty Administration, Sport and Residence Life, and so on. Your will be registering for Foundations of Leadership 1. Once completed, these managers may proceed to Part 2 (please note that there is a different Foundations of Leadership for academic managers).
The purpose of the programme is to imbue university managers in administration divisions with a deeper understanding of the overall policy, strategy, transformation, people management and institutional challenges of the higher education sector. This will facilitate more cohesive systems of academic and operations management within our universities, based on a shared understanding of key challenges, as well as developing tools for problem solving, leading and managing. See programme outline below.

The objectives of Foundations of Leadership for University Managers are as follows:

  1. Develop an informed perspective on the challenges facing university management in a complex and changing higher education environment.
  2. Promote the development of creative problem solving through expert input, self-reflection, case studies and group interaction.
  3. Introduce skills that should contribute to proactive and effective management leadership at your University.
  4. Formally and informally engage with other participants, through the sharing of experiences and the exchanging of ideas, in support of both personal and institutional development.

This programme is funded by the Department of Higher Education and Training through the University Capacity Development Grant and is therefore offered free of charge to the public university sector.


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