HELM ENGAGE #3 – Student Success

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The Covid pandemic has amplified the context in which student learning and development take place. More precisely, learning and development is built upon the social, cultural, familial, discursive, micro and macro setting into which the student is rooted.

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Much has been done by the leaders, academics, researchers and practitioners in higher education to investigate, better comprehend and advance approaches to student success, which are more holistic in their focus on the individual and their psychosocial needs in their unique contexts.

ENGAGE #3 will draw on the notion of contextualised learning and development, and provide a platform for an in-depth discussion on the following key questions in relation to student success.

  • How should we re-conceptualise student success in an increasingly complex and uncertain world?
  • What are the new notions and approaches to student success, nationally and globally, that address contextual influences that impinge on (or advance) student success?
  • Student success is mission-critical for the entire institution, the nation and the continent – how should it be supported by appropriate resourcing and organisational structures, within and beyond the higher education sector?



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