Foundations of Leadership 1

HELM Heads of School and Academic Departments Foundation of Leadership Programme: Part One

Academic leadership in complexity and change

Foundations 1 is designed to provide leadership with the tools to respond to this ongoing disruption and complexity that is both the contemporary university as well as Covid-19. Over two and a half days, this online programme will focus on how best to lead and manage people in a time of complexity and change. From #FeesMustFall to online futures, the course will open up the South African higher education context at both a strategic and policy level. The course is designed to be refreshing, intellectually curious and deeply interactive.

The concrete objectives of this programme are to:

  • Develop an informed perspective of the strategic planning and operations resource requirements in universities;
  • Promote creative problem solving through expert input, self-reflection and group interaction;
  • Acquire new skills that would contribute towards effective, proactive planning and operations at your university; and
  • Formally and informally engage with other participants, exchange ideas and share experiences that support personal and institutional development

Day 1 will focus on the context of the contemporary university, specifically on the policy and regulatory drivers that shape our work. It will also deal with institutional planning and budgeting within the unique context of the university.

Day 2 looks at academic leadership at a time of complexity and change. Using integrated models for building leading-edge management, the day will also consist of case-studies that will allow participants to find solutions to real world challenges in universities.

Day 3 will seek to integrate these elements into a composite overview of the challenges facing the modern South African university.

Attendance is entirely online and numbers are limited to ensure engaged learning and an enhanced space for participation and reflection. 

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