The start of the 2022 Women in Leadership (WiL) programme, designed to embolden senior academic women leaders, inspired a new cohort of participants with confidence that they were embarking on a great leadership journey this year.

The third cohort of University South Africa’s (USAf’s) Higher Education Leadership and Management’s (HELM) flagship programme, Women in Leadership 3 (WiL 3) 2022, kicked off on 25 May with a vibrant and dynamic online opening session.

Welcoming the women to the year-long programme of facilitated growth, Dr Oliver Seale (left), USAf’s Director of HELM said: “One of the things we learnt during CoVID-19 is to listen, to love and to learn.” The pandemic, he added, had provided time to be quiet, to reflect and to learn from others and from ourselves. “So, as you embark on this journey, I want to quote a tag line from Phillipe Chatrier grandstand at the Ronald Garros stadium, and I want you to take these words to heart: Victory belongs to the most tenacious.