Coaching is an integral component of HELM’s leadership development approach and its bespoke interventions. In this ENGAGE, we made sense of the various forms of supportive exchanges that can assist your leadership journey in higher education. At its most basic, coaching is a discourse, a conversation between two people. Ironically, discourse literally means to ‘run away’ and that perhaps is the point. Coaching in the context of higher education entails discarding the usual ways of being and doing. It is about finding new perspectives, changing the lens, enabling new interpretations and emboldening us through different conversations that inspire and invigorate both parties. But equally important, can eventually lead to a new experience of, and the re-configuration of the higher education space and the individual’s role in it.

In this ENGAGE, we examine the role of coaching, its impact and relevance, the difference to mentoring and advising, and how it has achieved acclaim in accelerating change in higher education. Professor Denise Zinn, retired DVC NMU and Programme leader of Women in Leadership at HELM,  and certified coaches, Dr Sharon Munyaka and Dr Paddy Pampallis, both also psychologists, will discuss the dangers and benefits of coaching and how these can shape higher education leadership in the future.


  1. The presentation, Integral Sense–Making for Tomorrow’s Leaders & their Teams Today, by Dr Pampallis is available here.
  2. The presentation, Coaching in Higher Education, by Dr Munyakais available here.
  3. The presentation, Coaching in/and for Higher Education, by Prof Zinn is available here.