Even before the pandemic, internationalisation of higher education had become much more than joint degrees and exchanges, with a knowledge drift of North-South and the thrill of academic tourism. In this Engage we explore critical questions around the role that internationalisation of higher education can and must play: advancing the SDGs, widening diversity and understanding what aspects of internationalisation have – over this period – grown, changed or become obsolete.

Recipient of the Noam Chomsky Lifetime Achievement Award in 2021 and Distinguished Fellow at the Center for International Higher Education, Professor Hans de Wit will be exploring the present and future possibilities for internationalisation against the backdrop of the pandemic and geopolitical upheaval.

The International Education Association of South Africa (IEASA) will also share some of their advances into developing a cohesive and comprehensive policy for South Africa with a view to sustainable internationalisation. Hans de Wit’s views will be expanded by South African perspectives on the promise and perils of a rebooted internationalisation.

Here’s the recording of the session – REBOOT: Internationalisation

The presentations and the links to this session and other useful resources are available as indicated below:
Professor Hans de Wit: Inclusive and Sustainable Internationalization and Global Engagement
IEASA input (Dr Tasmeera Singh and Orla Quinlan)

Below are useful resources that pertained to or emerged from the conversation.

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