The British Council and USAf co-commissioned M&ESURE Research and Evaluation to undertake a review of the WiL pilot programme (2021) in order to:

  • Explore whether the Programme is relevant and its design feasible;
  • Explore whether the Programme was implemented as planned;
  • Explore the successes, challenges and lessons learnt in the implementation of the pilot;
  • Explore the immediate impact of the Programme on the 26 participants by assessing the contribution of the programme workshops and other components to the professional and personal development of the participants;
  • Explore whether and how the Programme provides a longer-term foundation for women academic leaders to contribute to transformation initiatives in their ‘spaces’ within the universities, drawing on the network developed as part of the programme; and
  • Provide recommendations to USAf and the British Council for future WiL programme development, advocacy and decision making.